Los Vigilantes

This was a project made in collab with Muxxi for ReforestArte (Campo de Luz). I really enjoyed making this with her because we tried something out from our comfort zone, and even when it took a little more time than expected I think it came out really cool.


Pictoplasma Missing Link

This year Pictoplasma invited artist form all over the world to participate into the Missing Link project. There were over a 1,000 submissions and luckily I was chosen to be into the top100 that were exhibited in this year's pictoplasma's character walk!

18-50 Mural

These are from a Mural made almost 1 year ago :s (long time without posting). It was part of a mural inside the 18-50 channel offices in collab with Muxxi and Zapato Verde who painted in the walls besides mine.

GOA site

Another old project. This was for www.iamgoa.com Everything was illustrated and animated in flash. Please, visit the site and see all the characters in action, it was a lot of work.-


Balloon Head

This was a Doodlers Anonymous project. I didn't win but it was really fun to do.

Party Rats

This was an illustration I made for an Agency a while ago. I don' t remember what was the Ad for; I guess it was for cat food or something like that.